Wisdom Workshop Annual Membership

Welcome!  Wisdom Workshops are designed for those who share wisdom and those who seek.  We invite you to join our collaborative team of professional teachers, trainers, speakers, coaches, mentors, doctors, authors, etc. in Northwest Arkansas to share and also to participate in all our happenings…

We will be hosting waterside events, fireside events, borrowing barns and more…  Of course, we’d love to hear your unique ideas, concepts, and suggestions.  That’s how we roll…

About Membership | Simply schedule a visit with Theresa and she’ll go over all the details you’ll need to send in for the Wisdom Workshop Advisory Board to evaluate.

Membership includes yet is not limited to the following:  Promotion prior to events, during events, after events and spontaneously throughout the year via all Talk of the Town NWA social media platforms, the website, Front Page News articles and more.  You will also be added to the Wisdom Workshop Directory in the drop down underneath Wisdom Workshops PLUS the Business Directory of Talk of the Town PreScreened & Proudly approved Businesses and Services.

Our intention is to create a platform and shine a spotlight on your unique gifts and for our community to gain access to powerful life changing information for life & business.  We do not allow any religious affiliations and are not opposed to anything considered good.

All presenters will be asked to attend a Wisdom Workshop prior to presenting and to bring one of your favorite practices, or a coaching session, or tele-seminar participation type gift – anything that would be considered a “gift and of value” for our attendee’s.  You are welcome to pass out your packages at the close of your presentation.  Average presentation are 30-40 minutes, with 10-15 minutes breaks between and a panel discussion at the end of all presentations.

We look forward to hearing from all interested and appreciate you sharing with your friends and colleagues.  This is a Co-Ed endeavor – passionately – as I believe the men of our community are interested in next level, too.  And, mindful conscious men have been an integral part of my personal healing and with that I honor those who are willing to step forward and share their unique gifts as well.

With much gratitude,

Theresa ( My Calendar Link / 30 Minute Clarity Call / Can’t Wait )

Membership $179 Annually