Victim or Volunteer?

Victim or Volunteer? | Were you a victim or a volunteer & in what moment did you choose (you’ll remember the exact moment you chose – it’s crazy wild & crazy good!)

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Long Post Warning ⚠️

Yesterday I listened to a coaching call on a podcast and if my clients had to do this to get out of the ditch (relief) – I’d quit.

And if I had to listen to this & oversee clients retelling their story in this manner – I’d quit. Incredibly unhealthy for client & myself to the cellular level. 360TAP is more like #CellularCPR oh so healthy!!

I’m here to say NO repetitive “story torture” will happen on my watch. So unnecessary.

Some of you have been rumbling with those hurtful stories for 20 & 30 years.
And that’s enough!
I jotted down some of the suggestions this coach made & I guess a lot of people have tried this approach – like – this lady with no relief. She repeatedly said, “I’ve done that.” With NO changes.

The coach’s suggestions…

> get into my Spring retreat (i-genda)
> go back & work with that little girl
> give her a voice
> feel her feelings
> say the things she didn’t say
> feel the feelings she didn’t feel
> express yourself at that age
> speak your truth (that trauma story isn’t your truth damn it – it’s an incident)
> ask for support
> do some guided meditations
> feel the anger
> let the anger toward your mother out
> it’s about screaming
> it’s about yelling
> it’s about crying it out.

Y’all ⤴️ all that additional trauma and drama is completely unnecessary and unhealthy; most people have been doing T H A T for years – in their minds & in their meltdowns.
We do it on the daily in our self-talk, the telling of our story over and over and over for years.

I’m not a doctor, the letters behind my name are DMN.
Theresa King, DMN (Yes, you can ask)

In 360TAP we list the sh*t that’s happened and then move on to Umbrella’s around how its affected you. Impacted you in a multitude ways… I love it when clients say, “that’s also how this happened and that happened” – they start to put together how it attracted the same things in many different scenarios of their life! That’s huge & answers a lot of questions for the person (client).

Writing full sentences around NOT THE INCIDENT OR ACCIDENT but how it’s affected you personally. Professionally even.

That’s the part that you and I both want to ♥️ UNCOVER & DISCOVER ♥️ So exciting!

Then we take what we uncover & discover and ask the question.
>>>>One frick’n question.
Were you a victim or a volunteer & in what moment did you choose (you’ll remember the exact moment you chose – it’s crazy wild & crazy good!)
HERE in this conversation you’re NOT sitting at the “scene of the accident or incident” (prob week 4 of 6); you’re sitting at the scene of the choice (it’s empowering).

Makes you smile and know that you know that you know!!
The BEST part? – the trauma just lost ALL its power over you.
And you return to your core essence.
It’s NOT magic.
It’s a lot of work & homework yet after the initial list – it’s Ohmygosh exciting work and you’re excited to do it. Private Investigator kind of FUN!
It’s fun to turn incidents & accidents into
“Lessons Worthy of Laminating”

Anyone out there relate to the list above??

Love you, you know this might help someone & you know what to do now.
Big love. T
PS: “Underneath every difference of opinion – is a difference of feeling.” Lee Harris

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