All Things Floating In NWARK

Northwest Arkansas has a wealth of activities that show off nature, but in the summer heat, it can get to be somewhat strenuous. Fortunately for you, rafting, kayaking and canoeing are all available here in the area to enjoy. Here are some companies and organizations to help along with the bother of making a day in the sun.

Kings River Outfitters: Enjoy one of the few free-flowing rivers in the country with Kings River Outfitters. Find a wealth of activities that include things from canoeing and swimming to fishing and observing wildlife.

Make a reservation and/or get a license for Arkansas today to enjoy a location filled with opportunities to truly enjoy nature. Find more information with Kings River Outfitters and do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

Lost Valley Canoe and Lodging: If you are planning on traveling to the Upper Buffalo River, why not use Lost Valley Canoe and Lodging in Ponca. From an outfitter that has been providing equipment to people in Northwest Arkansas for over 29 years, trust them with all of your needs for a fun day on the water.

Pay a visit to their historical general store, the LVC store, for food, information and free Wi-Fi. Get more information from Lost Valley Canoe and Lodging today to set out on a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Love To Float Outfitters: Make a reservation with Love to Float Outfitters today and enjoy Lake Wedington near Highway 16 between Fayetteville and Siloam Springs. Rent a boat or the various kinds floating gear and kick back on the lake as you enjoy a hot summer day.

Discounts of all kinds are offered to current law enforcement, fire fighters and students alike as well as past and present military personnel. Enjoy Lake Wedington as well as the Illinois River and contact Love to Float Outfitters today.

Siloam Kayak Park: Four miles south of Siloam Springs sits Siloam Kayak Park, a family-friendly spot along the Illinois River. No admission fee is necessary to enter the park and all kinds of users are permitted to use the area.

Kayakers and floaters alike are allowed to partake in the park that year round hosts events on location. Check constantly for news and updates about events that happen all year-round at the park.

SUP Outfitters: Ever wanted to paddle board or learn how to do so? Trust SUP Outfitters to teach and supply you through the experience on Beaver Lake. Find a therapeutic experience with SUP Outfitters as you enjoy nature and find yourself in a new adventure.

Enjoy Beaver Lake with a unique experience that is sure to calm you as well as have you wanting to come back for another session. If you have an interest in fitness or yoga, classes for each are also provided.

Did we leave out any locations? Make sure to comment with locations to add to the list.

Regardless of where you go to have some fun on the water, always go over safety precautions with a trained official before cooling off in the lakes and rivers of Northwest Arkansas. Now go out there and have some fun.

By Wayne C. Hahne | Staff Writer, Jamie’s Notebook



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