NWARK trails create beauty, health opportunities

Whether you love the great outdoors or a healthy lifestyle, Northwest Arkansas has that in over 200 miles of hiking and biking trails. With each trail comes a new opportunity to gain a unique experience in seeing the beauty that comes with the natural beauty throughout Northwest Arkansas.

However, with all the trails spreading about the forests of Northwest Arkansas, it can be hard to decide which one you want to venture onto. With that in mind, this list will help you find more than one trail where you can hike, bike or both.

Razorback Regional Greenway: The Razorback Greenway is the culmination of years of working and planning to bring Northwest Arkansas a trail that combines all just about every aspect of the area. Being a trail at max 36-miles, the Razorback Greenway leads bikers, hikers and runners through several parts on and off road. From the Bella Vista Trail in North Bentonville to South Fayetteville, those on the trail would see:

  • Historic sites
  • Over 20 schools
  • Several shopping and eating areas
  • Parks
  • Downtown areas
  • Corporate headquarters of Walmart, Tyson Foods, and JB Hunt Transport Services
  • The famed University of Arkansas campus
  • Arts and entertainment

The trail itself helps travelers find several aspects of Northwest Arkansas through an adventure worth taking. Costing $38 million to fully fund and complete, the Razorback Greenway helps to connect Northwest Arkansas, drawing attention to all kinds of small businesses and mainstays around the area.

Mount Kessler: A trail for mountain bikers, hikers and trial runners alike, Mount Kessler is a real treat for anyone wanting both beauty and a solid workout. Though still a work in progress, this trail gives users a great view of Northwest Arkansas.


Thunder Chicken: Not to be confused with a turkey thunder, the Thunder Chicken trail will lead bikers through an exciting off and off-road trail that shows Springdale’s beauty. The trail itself also allows more talented bikers to wall ride on the several walls placed for that purpose.

Slaughter Pen: Gaining national fame, bikers travel from all across the nation to find a treat in the Slaughter Pen Trail. Meant for mountain bikers, this trail offers a wide variety of venues for all levels of bike riders from rookies to experts. Test your skills on this course and leave feeling the adrenaline rush.

Mount Sequoyah Woods: Hikers and bikers both will find a challenge in Mount Sequoyah that leads to a prize worth the struggle. Take the 10-mile trail that takes participants through Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville across the inclined trail that winds around the mountain.

Lake Fayetteville: Looking for an easier bike ride with a view, park your car at Veterans Memorial Park and take the bike out around Lake Fayetteville. With seven miles of soft surface trails that outline the beautiful lake, enjoy a trail that connects directly to the Razorback Greenway.

Lake Bella Vista: Enjoy a scenic bike ride around Lake Bella Vista as you ride through two miles of paved and natural surfaces that connect to both Slaughter Pen and Blowing Springs trails. Parking can be found at Lake Bella Vista Park.

Lake Atalanta: Enjoy the scenic and winding Lake Atalanta near downtown Rogers. Mountain bikers should find a challenge in the spur trails and steep track that line the area around the lake.



Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area: Take on a multi-use hiking trail made to be both enjoyable and challenging for hikers, mountain bikers, runners and even horseback riders. Park near Piney road or Townsend Ridge Road and enjoy the nearly 20-mile path.

Devil’s Den State Park: Enjoy a University of Arkansas favorite with the scenic and famous Devil’s Den State Park trails. Camp, hike, bike or run at Devil’s Den to embrace a beautiful site famed in Northwest Arkansas.

Blowing Springs: A highly popular path in Northwest Arkansas, Blowing Springs offers a large venue of natural trails that truly show off the beauty of Northwest Arkansas. Parking is provided off Blowing Springs Road before the guard shack for the RV Park.


Article by Wayne C. Hahne | Staff writer at Jamie’s Notebook

Photos courtesy of Caitlyn Pace

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