NWA Business Meets Newcomer Reception

Newcomer Receptions are a simple yet a powerful way of connecting in Northwest Arkansas.  We adore the businesses and services that have made Newcomer Receptions possible – and continue to make them possible!  Our mission is about the whole NWA community and the NWA community as a whole!

We warmly mix business and pleasure and suggest you show up, take off the mask or the cape and just be you.  Those new to the area attend multiple times and each time make a connection or two that allows them to start building relationships, trust,  friendships and expanding their circle.  Connecting and setting a time for coffee or tea the next week is the tradition we’ve noticed and we strongly encourage you to do so.

As connections start to grow and expand after the event; soon it turns into dinner, movies, business conversations, business ventures, spinning class, book clubs, shopping for some and/or a bike ride or two!

You get the picture.  Real people.  Real Connections.

What’s more important – Newcomer Receptions are real, they are a safe place to take the mask off and be you.  They are an eclectic, open, non-judgmental place to be and to be heard – share of self, share what is real, and you’ll connect based on attraction.  Bring your JOY.  Bring the right energy and people will be attracted to you – naturally.  At the end of the evening everyone is relaxed, contributing and enjoying themselves!

When I say we warmly mix business and pleasure…all that really means is businesses have united and joined Talk of the Town NWA to be a support to the community as a whole, to support the whole community, to meet new people and expand their circle, to contribute and to give back when they can.

All of our business clients listed in our Talk of the Town Business Directory – we’ve personally met and proudly approved.  Newcomers love that!  They love that we know, like and trust our businesses and services at Talk of the Town.

Just yesterday a newcomer wrote and shared she had visited our Talk of the Town Professional Licensed Esthetician Kelly G’s Skincare and loved her experience with Kelly – very professional she said.  Makes us Talk of the Town proud – Thanks Kelly!  She wanted a Bentonville Massage Referral.  We have a great massage therapist in Fayetteville who came highly recommended and proudly approved; however, no one in Bentonville has joined us thus far.  So I made a personal referral because that’s what she needed.

I love being able to refer great people who own great businesses like I’ve always done in Northwest Arkansas!  With our growing population though what I love – even more?  Making those great referrals, people and businesses available to our total 500,000+ population via our Business Directory, 24/7, category specific and proudly approved.  I explain at Newcomer Receptions this is the same as me handing you a business card – only – better as it’s available all the time and so easy.

Speaking of – we have a great sale going on right now for local businesses / services because OUR MISSION is to have 100 GREAT BUSINESS RESOURCES, proudly approved and available in each major NWA city!  (DYK we will only add 3 businesses per category, per city – ever. 3 for choice.)

Got a great business?

MUST CALL OR TEXT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SALE (not available online) 479.633.GROW (4769)

Here’s a Quick Look, Print or Download…TalkoftheTownNWA.com Sale $150 annual

Leaders, Business Professionals and Loyal Locals simply show up to greet, meet, shake hands, introduce people to others and share their experience in NWA.  Our business clients are “real people” first.  What we’re doing at Talk of the Town is the epitome of relationship marketing!  Our clients are devoted to building relationships first and know their business always flourishes when they show up genuinely and in support of others.

Not a member of Talk of the Town yet?  Be our Guest June 8th (after work!

Really…how many widgets do you need to sell to recoup your $150 – kind of a no brainer – especially when you remember it is a service for those NEW to the area.  Many businesses are flourishing and don’t get involved because their business is booming – guess what – it’s time to turn around, give back and invest in community – invest in its people.

Many Newcomers are also in business or work for a business or are on the edge of starting a business – think about it – we all work somewhere.  Newcomer Reception was how I got introduced to PROCTOR & GAMBLE and now Newcomer Reception tickets are in their new hire packets.  I’ll tell you this – it was relationship based first.

I had a CPA once say with arms folded, “My target market isn’t newcomers it is business owners.”  I said, “Look around – go meet some of these people – you’ll find many are in business Dear Sir.”

We warmly mix business & pleasure and you should give thought to joining this great mission – it is about the whole community and the community – as a whole.   It is BIG and it is BEAUTIFUL.  Know a great business or service?  You can share and tag them.  Help us spread the word so we can fill those 100 spots in each city ASAP and better serve the newcomer, residents and other businesses/services.

With much gratitude,


Theresa King-Thompson | Founder | TalkoftheTownNWA.com | 479.633.GROW (4769)

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