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Always & in all ways, Theresa King-Thompson

Founder | Talk of the Town LOVE

Founding Partner |  Speaksie Enterprise

PS: Your move. Smile. Giggle. Giggle. Everything starts with a conversation…


We all have CRAP that holds us back in life & business.  It’s called patterns and in my 23 yrs of experience statistics have shown me that people have on average 33+ items that pisses them off since age 2.  In my program it’s called a Pissed-Off-ed-ness List!

This is what I know for sure “When we’re heard – we heal!”  Mix that with “tools” that teach us how to process and respond verses react, Life & Business gets big time better!

I invite you to step forward & let me show you experimentally.(1 hour a week on the phone for 6 weeks)

Let me gift you will tools that will serve you NOW &  forever & ever. Amen.

Big Love, Theresa, Certified Coach & Cycle Breaker

Founder | Talk of the Town Love

Founding Partner | Speaksie Enterprise

Every single person is individual, unique & has pure biz brilliance (I call it) within.

Stop anything you might have learned from “cookie cutter” business coaches.

Of course, everything starts with a conversation – a clarity call! BTW I do NOT work with people I have not pre-approved so “conversation” is a must – as it should be. I’m here to say, “Nothing works without depth, authenticity & conversation including your business or career.” ~Theresa

My background includes marketing, sales, promotion, seminars from development to execution (50 – 1000) participants, voice-over work, social media and social media design, storytelling, bio-building and IMPACTintro’s, live video, interview video’s, master networking, relationship and conversationalist, photography aligned with marketing, been known to dabble in eBooks, websites, flyers, speaking, social media story design, spiritual awakenings, combining spirit, soul & business. Also, kind of hard to believe but I have a background in bank management training and health / life insurance – I do know how to dot “i’s” & cross “t’s” as they say – I’m just NOT that into carrying that legacy forward. Smile. Giggle. Giggle.

Hey I’m a creative…Let’s not take ourselves so damn seriously – as my coach would say. Lighten up – have fun. With a multi-faceted & multi-passionate demeanor resonating from my core – what I suggest is we have the conversation and let me share – what I did – that changed my life & my business in less than a year. Your move…

Big LOVE, Theresa

Founder | Talk of the Town LOVE

Founding Partner | Speaksie Enterprise

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