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As a Divine DIVA, we acknowledge that we beat to the rhythm of a Branded Drum. Because we don’t belong to ourselves.

D~ We are designed for such a time as this to do our part in Educating, Edifying and Encouraging others so they are empowered.

I~ is for our Integrity & Intelligence but only as a minor strength.  Our main strength is that we follow wisdom.

V~ is for our Vivaciousness.  It flows through our veins like a subtle current even in a torrent river.

A~ is for our Aim2Attain our Branded Identity.

Our goal is to assist individuals towards a purposed life:  measurable, sustainable and re-teachable:  Our DIVALIFE-Teen program mentors youth  with the same topical information as the adults but catered to their age range.  If we can teach them their value early, they will reach further.  As they focus on the goals they have set before them, it can eliminate some of the multiple obstacles that await them as they transition to adulthood.

Our adult program provides hope in some dark places:  relationships, finance, health &  wellness and even employment.  Our participants range in age from 21 to 64, they are diverse in background, religion and culture.  Arriving from various corporate   offices, welfare waiting rooms, homeless shelters, along with those who have just fell in between the gaps of life.

The Divine DIVA podcast has an international presence with 10% of our listening pool in  Beijing, China.  Other locations we have made a growing impact on are in Moscow, Russia and Nuremberg, Germany.

Want to support: Schedule or Sponsor a BareFoot Party under our DIVA LIFE (Live Intentionally Fearlessly Everyday) Program.

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