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Love Notes | On the Daily | Welcome – I started about 30 days ago posting a little recording each morning – Love Notes with a Word for the Day – inspired by the card deck “The Power of Love.”

This practice (blissipline aka discipline)  takes place early morning and with my quiet time, coffee and the lighting of a candle sweetness.  I love my morning time (I also write a letter to the God of my understanding and my Soul Ms. Sophia Love each morning); this seems to get the mindset aligned and in a #love #vibe (smile).  Pssssst…it’s okay to celebrate uniqueness – join me.

If you send a FB friend request | Theresa King-Thompson or you can just follow me there (public format)…but here’s the important part>>>Once set up hit that “follow button for a drop-down and choose SEE FIRST)  You can do that with up to 30 peeps, businesses or non-profits – start designing your news-feed to positive post & information.  That’s what I’ve done.  Love it.

Here’s my Talk of the Town LOVE (Biz Page) too, heck just get with me for all the good stuff everywhere (smile).

I also post Love Notes every morning on Instagram | Talk of the Town LOVE

And, don’t forget if you just want to step off all the busy-ness of social media, you’re more than welcome to step into
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It took a while but now people are letting me know they LOVE them…so if that keeps happening – I’ll keep bringing it!  I like little shorties…Smile

As I move the video’s off my phone; I post them to My Youtube Channel.

So I pulled a few that were favorites for you to try (aka listen, click below).  Of course you can subscribe while there as well.  All kinds of way to connect.

Enjoy! Hey they’re under {{ 1 }} minute, make time for yourself.


Love Notes | #tolerance | Listen Link

Love Notes | #selflove | Listen Link

Love Notes | #integrity | Listen Link

Love Notes | #priorities | Listen Link

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