Welcome! Welcome!

First things First:  Here’s the most important thing to leave with today!  I am a phone call or click away.  I don’t know everyone but I do know people, who know people, who know people – we can figure out how to support you and we agree with Marie Forleo 100% – everything is figure-out-able!

In Appreciation Always, Theresa

I am Theresa King-Thompson founder of Talk of the Town LOVE and co-creator of all these beautiful circles and ways to connect.  I’ve incorporated a sweet Calendar System that books appointments for us to visit on the phone – easy peasy.  Find a time that works for you and schedule it.

Simple & Divine!

Let’s connect…I’ll close with this thought…There are so many events (i.e. “things to do) in Northwest Arkansas – it’s crazy!  Connections though – that gets a little tricky!  Which is why all of our RSVP forms ask – “Are you NEW to the area?”  We intentionally make note and do our best to connect you with our core tribe upon arrival.  Yes, we know, like and trust them.

“Everything we do has a real focus on connecting you with others!” 

So let’s have a real visit.

Theresa’s Phone Calendar

Yep – we’re innovative, mindful and put your needs first as best we can – We still may do the BIG Newcomer Receptions periodically yet we’ve incorporated smaller-scale gatherings, too.  Newcomer Circles – Limited to 20ish and the we add by invitation some of our closest most gracious clients, family and friends.  That’s how we roll “constantly and consistently” blending life and business.

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Little Secret:

Secret (1) In the upper right hand corner of my LIVE shows are 3 little dots (click twice) then click notifications on so you’ll be notified when we go LIVE…

Secret (2) You can friend request or just follow my Facebook profile – your preference.

Secret (3) Design your FB feed like you want to whether Person, Business Page or Non-Profit Page (right beside) the like button is a FOLLOW drop-down.  It defaults to “default” (smile) which means they’ll show some of the post from that page but NOT all – you can click the drop-down, then pick “SEE FIRST” and Facebook will show ALL post to you.  You can do this with up 30 different pages on Facebook as I understand it.

I look forward to meeting each of you online and face to face (F2F).

With much gratitude,


Founder | TalkoftheTownNWA.com | 479.633.GROW

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This was hands down the best event I’ve attended since being in NWA. And I’ve attended many upon my arrival.  Gary Brever

What an amazing event!! I want to be connected with so many I met tonight!!  Mary Elizabeth Tracy

Thank you for hosting such a lovely event. Your speakers were right on point and it was beautiful to hear their stories. Also an honor to welcome newcomers to the area, as well as connect with some folks who have been in “my own backyard” and I didn’t know them.  Melissa Hibgy

Woww!! My very first networking group EVER to attend and it didn’t even feel like networking! I felt like I got to know amazing people in the community of NWA! Theresa did and AMAZing job hosting this event and now I am hooked!  Excited for what it is going to blossom into! Thanks to everyone who made it a success! You all R☆CK!  Meka Cox