Fighting hunger in NWARK

We have a problem here in Northwest Arkansas. It is not one we can physically fight or face with a puffed out chest and fancy speeches. The problem itself is hunger, and it is a problem that is afflicting too many families to simply be written off without reason.

To put it into perspective, according to the NWA Food Bank, 70,000 residents of Northwest Arkansas face food insecurity and is a part of a greater problem with Arkansas being second of the 50 states with 18.4% of Arkansas families being food insecure, according to Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance.

Food insecurity is directly linked to one thing and that one thing is poverty. If nothing else, residents of Arkansas should feel angered if not immensely saddened by the fact that those in their community cannot provide themselves with food.

How can you help? Well, the good news is that there are a wealth of organizations that are made with that exact intention and the even better news is that a lot of them can be seen here.

Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance: As an organization made up of groups on this list and some that are not, Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance supports many families across the state of Arkansas in giving food to citizens that need it.

Alongside organizations from local to the federal level as well as companies that provide food, Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance fights to bring food to the tables of families in need.

Champions For Kids: In 2004, Adelaide Schaeffer created Champions for Kids with the idea to give children in communities the resources to thrive. The intention for her organization is that by 2020, 20 million children will be fed.

Champions for Kids provides several projects and an email list for those wanting updates and opportunities they would not normally think of. Also look into Razorfest, the well-known festival held at Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

No Kid Hungry: No Kid Hungry has one priority and that is to ending child hunger in the United States through healthy and affordable meals. Not only that, but the organization also teaches families how to cook nutritious meals.

With several campaigns and programs running, No Kid Hungry applies their resources to the local communities to make the dream of ending child hunger possible.

Northwest Arkansas Food Bank: Founded in the late 1980’s as a non-profit organization, Northwest Arkansas Food Bank has grown into an organization that currently has around 160 partnering agencies.

With a set of honorable values and programs that help a wide range of ages get food on the table, NWA Food Bank is always ready to assist Northwest Arkansas residents.

Little Free Pantry: Beginning in May 2016, the vision Little Free Pantry works to unite neighborhoods to create communities and inspire each to help its own. LFP helps empower communities and ensures that there are more options for Northwest Arkansas.

Each organization is different in how it carries out giving food to communities. These details are up to you, the reader, to consider for yourself. Regardless of whom you choose, help your community today and donate food or money to those in need.

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