June NEW Moon and Sagittarius FULL Moon

Do you do a little moon worship like me?

If you’re new to using the moon phases in your life & are curious hop over to this site for “June’s Gemini New Moon & Sagittarius Full Moon: The Universe Is Presenting You With New Opportunities” and see for yourself what the moon has in store for us for June! Just a tad interesting!!

There’s a certain kind of bond I have with nature & the universe. I have learned how to use both in my spirituality. This isn’t easy for me to write about either (well, its not THAT hard. #SorryNotSorry ) but I still love to talk about it.

Coming from an upbringing with friends/family where astrology, witchy practices, “out there” beliefs aren’t taken seriously can be intimidating for some when you start to take what’s been inside of you to a public forum. That’s what I am doing. Maybe it just feels weird to talk about more & more not because it’s taboo to some, but because it resonates so deep with me. I’m very used to keeping those deep thoughts & beliefs private. Safe inside so my spirituality is kept sacred, & not made into a joke.

But it’s just a little insight. I run with it wholeheartedly but others find it “woo woo”. That’s okay. To each there own. But I know so many that find this stuff to be tons of fun. If only they valued it the way I do, that fun could be so much more. There’s absolutely no shame in having become better connected with our Creator through my out there beliefs. I’d rather connect than not, right! Ugh, these words don’t even do justice for my faith, but it’s a start.

Check out Full Article & share something interesting you learned in the comments below – if you want!

I’d be happy to answer any taboo questions you have too!

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Until next time – have a good time! ~M

About the Author |

Melissa Nicole was born & raised a Michigander. | Her roots in the Great Lakes State have helped develop her love for nature & Mother Earth. She identifies as a free-spirit & self-care guru, as well as a Life Coach student with the Sovereign Coaching School. Melissa is married with two young girls & a few fur-babies too! Her entrepreneurial spirit & desire to be of service to others has been nurtured by a background in Social Work, a narrative of having triumphed over childhood trauma, & a passion for soul-work/spiritual alignment, with a whole lot of vivacious attitude towards life! Melissa Nicole’s dream of coaching & helping others overcome life’s obstacles appears to be manifesting beautifully as she carves her path in the world of social media!

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Short on Wisdom

Short on Wisdom | I read this morning a dear sweet message…it felt so true?  It certainly has been true for me in the past and in some area’s still true.  It went something like this…

we are short on wisdom when we cannot put aside an ordinary routine so that we can

♥️ #rest (self-care)

♥️ #evaluate (look at patterns or obsessions of the mind that no longer serve us)

♥️ #change (implement new devotion & new habits)

♥️ #meditate (quiet the busy mind in a very noisy world)

True wisdom can really inspire, move, change & motivate us IF (and only IF); we’re able to take them into our heart & soul & truly implement them (as the life & business enhancing resources they’re designed to be.)

They (rest, evaluation, change & meditation) ONLY help us IF we are able to implement into our daily life & lifestyle.

That’s the tricky part‼️ Implementation‼️ Creating a NEW‼️ way of being & doing.

I don’t have it all figured out YET (I guess that’s the essence life being called a journey.)  I can share that I’ve never been closer to doing & being what FEELS SO GOOD to my heart & Soul.   Which is why – I’m sharing with you!

Please accept my invitation to few resources where you’re able to experience the essence (have a feel good taste test) of what WE are doing that is SO INCREDIBLY “Life & Business” changing.  At first sight you’ll probably think “I’m not doing that.  I’m not bubbly like that.  I’m not into this or that.”  All the things – to be honest – I did – and said. Okay add – I’m too old to do that.  Smile.  Don’t judge.  Don’t dismiss.  Every bit of this information, the teachings, the energy is designed for you to “take in” and process.  Process in a way – that you’re able to make it your own.  Your way.  In your time.  Completely designed with customization on your behalf, on your Souls behalf and on your hearts behalf.

Bring an open mind, evaluate, sit with this information for a month or so and evaluate ALL THE THINGS so you too can co-create, co-design, customize & co-collaborate with some of the best teachers & teachings in all the nation!

3 Resources to Get You Started

2 Completely Complimentary

Soul + Social Tribe (Private FB Group)

Merry Meditation www.MerryMeditation.com (must register – starts Dec 10 & runs until Dec 24 Christmas Eve)

SpeakEasy.live | Private Coaching Community (Click my Speakeasy Partner Link for 5-day Trial +++)

Big LOVE, I hope you’ll expand your beautiful mindset and join us.

It FEELS SO GOOD to implement NEW‼️ ways of seeing & being.


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