Career Advice Women Receive…and Why You Shouldn’t Follow It

The Four Most Common Pieces of Career Advice Women Receive… and Why You Shouldn’t Follow It….
By: Alison Nail-Malone, Executive Coach & Founder of Malone Consultants Group

#1 Leave your job if you’re not passionate

Alright, I’m not saying to stay in a mind & heart suck job. However, I see WAAYYY too many women beat themselves up because they: a) aren’t working a job that fulfills what they are truly passionate about; and/or b) have no real clue what they are passionate about and how to do ‘that’ as a career.

Here’s the deal ….

You can ‘work a job’ that pays your bills and have the things you are passionate about outside of work. AND yes, you absolutely can have a career that includes what you are passionate and purposeful about.

Take your time to find what you are passionate about. Don’t just check out because right now this role doesn’t fit you. Find small ways in your job and your life outside of office that starts to feed your soul.

If you already know what your passionate about…begin your research on how to include that in your career. Then ask for those opportunities at work; but also keep your eye out for the open career opportunities too.

#2 Network, Network, Network

Seriously this is one that makes me crazy when experienced professionals say, “Network, network, network” to build your career credibility. It’s a waste of time!

Ultimately, your network should be made up of people who will be, or currently are, your advocate. Your professional network need to be the people who know what you do, how you contribute and how they can tell your story no matter who they talk to.

Your professional network should be the people you are an advocate for as well. But make sure…there is a balance between these two groups.

#3 Save it for the annual review

Ok, maybe this one really rubs me the wrong way. How many times have you been surprised about the feedback you received in your annual evaluation? I don’t know about you… but it’s happened almost every time I’ve had an annual review!

But …

Admittedly I have also been guilty, in the past, of not providing real feedback (both positive and constructive) until an annual review (or maybe not at all).

Let’s commit together to something right here. No more of that. Take a proactive approach in receiving and giving feedback on a regular basis. Perhaps you need to just start with once a quarter. Maybe you need to be committed to once a month. Whatever that is, commit to owning your career in a big way…and feedback is one of the most vital components of that.

#4 Stay at least a year

I know I just eluded that you shouldn’t leave your job. However, give yourself permission to leave when its time.

My clients, and other professional women I am connected with, will notoriously stay ‘committed’ to a job … even when they KNOW the job is not right.

Most likely you don’t have the luxury to jump ship without another boat to drive; AND you do have the RIGHT to explore and interview for new roles.

Do not limit your growth to time. If it’s not right, it’s not right. Don’t waste your time.

Your time…your talent…your presence is valuable. Step into that knowingness!

When you ask for career advice, first take it with a grain of salt and then consider it carefully before you follow it. It could either be the worst piece of career advice, or the best. Find out which before you bet your future on it.

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NEW and Promoting LIVE Music in NWA

Have love for LIVE music?  Guess what?

Jam NWA is a non-profit website for artist, venue, and concert listings in Northwest Arkansas.

Our sole objective with Jam NWA is to promote LIVE MUSIC in Northwest Arkansas by providing a platform that is convenient for both Artists and Venues to make a connection.

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Northwest Arkansas Mentor Tammy Jean Velasquez

One of the things we love and focus on at Talk of the Town NWA is the great people who live here, work here and contribute here in Northwest Arkansas.  With that said – please allow me to introduce the lead speaker for the NEW! Wisdom Workshops in Northwest Arkansas launching February 3, 2018.  The focus?  Wisdom sharing for personal & professional next level living!

Wisdom Workshop lead presenter Tammy Jean Velasquez is a metaphysical coach & mentor assisting individuals in uncovering and releasing pre-conditioning & false beliefs that are causing discord at the subconscious level.  Tammy received her coaching certification through Transform Coaching Academy and has studied under the metaphysical teachings of Divine Science.

Tammy is best known as a Metaphysical Coach & Mentor, who helps assist individuals release years of pre-programing and conditioning that has been creating discord in all areas of their lives.  She teaches, by establishing unity within all levels of the mind, Conscious, Subconscious and Super Conscious. This process then creates unity within the individual and reestablishes alignment with the Higher Self, which is the real secret to unlimited abundance.

With an extensive background in metaphysics and the higher teachings of the mind, Tammy has been able to assist individuals in a shift in consciousness to create the life we were all meant to have.

“I assist individuals in uncovering and releasing pre-conditioning and false beliefs that are causing discord at the subconscious level.  Creating unity within the individual reestablishes alignment with our Higher Self, which is the real secret to creating unlimited abundance!”  ~Tammy Jean Velasquez

I can’t say enough about this amazing woman! Working with her as a coach has shifted my experience of life to a new plane that is allowing me to gracefully walk through some of the hardest and most painful experiences. Old, stale patterns are falling away and bliss, peace and joy is my reward!See her LIVE Feb 3 at the Wisdom Workshops! Or reach out to her for coaching! ~ Lileith Rose Polite | Founder |

You can ask this gal anything and I mean anything…She truly is the real deal when it comes to understanding and explaining to us (the lay person) the Conscious, Subconscious and Super Conscious. Her guidance, conversations, presence and wisdom is divine to experience.  Don’t tell her I mentioned this publicly but I call her Baby Gandhi (total respect & adoration); she always laughs me off and calls me Lucy (smiley face emoji inserted – Lucy Love’s to Learn)!  ~ Theresa King-Thompson | Founder | | 479.633.GROW

Yes – Please!  Keep up with all the good stuff & NEW things happening with via Social Media – FB: TalkoftheTownNWA, FB: Wisdom Workshops, FB: Supper Club, Instagram: TalkoftheTownNWA – visit the website for more.

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See you soon – you know…the wise are always seeking and sharing wisdom – this will be an exciting sweet Saturday room to be in Feb 3rd!  Just Say’n.

With much gratitude,

Theresa | Founder | | 479.633.GROW

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PhotoCredit: Theresa King-Thompson
ALL ABOUT YOU | LifeStyleShoots | 479.633.4769


Music is the Global Handshake | Welcome

Talk of the Town NWA takes great pride in welcoming newcomers to Northwest Arkansas. It is a delight and honor to welcome The House of Songs Ozarks to our community. The House of Songs or THOS opened its Austin house in 2009 coupling local and international songwriters in a 12 day immersion of collaboration and friendship. Believing that “Music is the global handshake,”  THOS participants blend their unique cultural and musical experiences to co-create new original songs. These songwriters are showcased for local residents free of charge at various venues. The Walton Family Foundation has helped to facilitate the opening of this second house in our area.

Welcome! The House of Songs Ozarks, Bentonville, AR

Troy Campbell, founder and president, says that the inspiration for THOS has been an expanding vision born after meeting Danish star singer-songwriter, Poul Krebs back stage at a New Orleans songwriters convention in 1999. After accepting an invitation from Krebs to join him at a songwriting retreat in Denmark, the expansion of this international connection continued.  In addition to the original Austin THOS, other THOS sponsored songwriting collaborations have been hosted in 13 other countries. Campbell  said that the name, The House of Songs, came to him in an instant when asked what he would call his organization.  He later found that the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrian referenced “garo demana” or House of Song as the place where righteous souls would go. Of note, this writer in reading about Zoroastrian found that ancient high priests or Magi (possibly the wise men from the East) had associations with the Zoroastrian Religion.

Saturday, August 26 was the Open House for THOS Ozarks.  Guests were able to tour the house located on Southeast C Street in Bentonville.   The rooms in the house are each named for famous songwriters including Arkansas’s own Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

The event was hosted by Campbell and his wife along with Clayton Lillard who is the House Manager for the Austin House. Bernice and Bryan Hembree, organizers of the Fayetteville Roots Festival, will be helping to welcome the international guests as well as introducing them to local songwriters.

The first guests to the Ozark house are set to arrive September 7.  There will be a free concert at the The Preacher’s Son, 201 NW A Street in Bentonville on September 10 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m as well as a screening of the documentary co-directed by Campbell along with Austin Tolin, Albert E. Brumley: Songwriter of the Ozarks. Campbell summed up his impression of Northwest Arkansas with a simple, “I had no idea.”

Click to learn more details about…The House of Songs

Talk of the Town TEAMMATE  | Bex Tracy, Rogers, AR | “Together we can and will do more; serve more!”  Theresa

Talk of the Town NWA  our mission is to report on people, places and things that matter in Northwest Arkansas; applicants for front page feature articles can let us know via email  (include press release, press pass, contact information and pictures.)

JJ’s a local favorite

One of the most important factors to making a business successful is setting it apart from the competition. JJ’s Grill CEO and owner Jody Thornton understands this need and has created a string of restaurants known as JJ’s that gives a unique experience to the customer while providing a space for all ages to enjoy.

He started his chain in Northwest Arkansas and now has several JJ’s Grill locations in Central Arkansas as well. He recently opened up the JJ’s Beer Garden and Brewing Company in Fayetteville, which has its own unique feel. Downtown Bentonville will soon be the home to JJ”s Pour House.

In an interview with Talk of the Town NWA, owner and CEO Jody Thornton detailed all of what goes into any JJ’s. He spoke about several aspects that make each JJ’s entity great.

When asked about his inspiration for JJ’s, Thornton said that he wanted a place that could provide “a good personal relationship with a guest” while at the same time is “a combination of the best places I wanted to go.”

This includes everything from a family-friendly atmosphere to making customer service a top priority for both Thornton and his crew.

When referring to Northwest Arkansas, Thornton expressed his fondness for the area.

“We love Northwest Arkansas, it’s our home. Raised some kids here. It’s a great place to live, it’s beautiful and has got a nice price for living. Great homes, great neighborhoods, great people—there’s just a lot to do,” he said.

After a suggestion to open another restaurant, Thornton looked for a good feeling area to do so. “Found a couple of investors and just tried to find the right spot. I just liked that spot in Rogers and thought it was a good place to start,” said Thornton. (The first JJ’s Grill was in Rogers).

One particular addition that Jody Thornton is fond of is the live music that is played in all JJ’s.

“Living in Austin, there’s live music all the time and here there wasn’t a commitment. I wanted a restaurant that was committed to live music every night,” he said. “It (live music) adds something to the city, it adds something to the culture, it adds something to people that want to be in the area. We’ve really worked hard to create something different.”

The atmosphere at each JJ’s can be seen vividly through every patron that enjoys both food and either alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Children under the age of 12 eat free with one adult every night at each JJ’s, be it the Beer Garden or one of the Grills.

What’s next for Thornton and JJ’s? We’ve already mentioned the Pour House opening soon, but there is also a plan to start having the JBGB-brewed beer distributed to all the JJ’s.

“We wanted to continue our brand and we saw the next best arm of that to be a brewery because we sell so much beer in the locations,” he said.

We wish him and his crew the best of luck as they shine in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

Article by Wayne C. Hahne | Staff Writer at Jamie’s Notebook 

All Things Floating In NWARK

Northwest Arkansas has a wealth of activities that show off nature, but in the summer heat, it can get to be somewhat strenuous. Fortunately for you, rafting, kayaking and canoeing are all available here in the area to enjoy. Here are some companies and organizations to help along with the bother of making a day in the sun.

Kings River Outfitters: Enjoy one of the few free-flowing rivers in the country with Kings River Outfitters. Find a wealth of activities that include things from canoeing and swimming to fishing and observing wildlife.

Make a reservation and/or get a license for Arkansas today to enjoy a location filled with opportunities to truly enjoy nature. Find more information with Kings River Outfitters and do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

Lost Valley Canoe and Lodging: If you are planning on traveling to the Upper Buffalo River, why not use Lost Valley Canoe and Lodging in Ponca. From an outfitter that has been providing equipment to people in Northwest Arkansas for over 29 years, trust them with all of your needs for a fun day on the water.

Pay a visit to their historical general store, the LVC store, for food, information and free Wi-Fi. Get more information from Lost Valley Canoe and Lodging today to set out on a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Love To Float Outfitters: Make a reservation with Love to Float Outfitters today and enjoy Lake Wedington near Highway 16 between Fayetteville and Siloam Springs. Rent a boat or the various kinds floating gear and kick back on the lake as you enjoy a hot summer day.

Discounts of all kinds are offered to current law enforcement, fire fighters and students alike as well as past and present military personnel. Enjoy Lake Wedington as well as the Illinois River and contact Love to Float Outfitters today.

Siloam Kayak Park: Four miles south of Siloam Springs sits Siloam Kayak Park, a family-friendly spot along the Illinois River. No admission fee is necessary to enter the park and all kinds of users are permitted to use the area.

Kayakers and floaters alike are allowed to partake in the park that year round hosts events on location. Check constantly for news and updates about events that happen all year-round at the park.

SUP Outfitters: Ever wanted to paddle board or learn how to do so? Trust SUP Outfitters to teach and supply you through the experience on Beaver Lake. Find a therapeutic experience with SUP Outfitters as you enjoy nature and find yourself in a new adventure.

Enjoy Beaver Lake with a unique experience that is sure to calm you as well as have you wanting to come back for another session. If you have an interest in fitness or yoga, classes for each are also provided.

Did we leave out any locations? Make sure to comment with locations to add to the list.

Regardless of where you go to have some fun on the water, always go over safety precautions with a trained official before cooling off in the lakes and rivers of Northwest Arkansas. Now go out there and have some fun.

By Wayne C. Hahne | Staff Writer, Jamie’s Notebook



Rogers Cycling Festival coming this weekend!

This weekend is another exciting event that celebrates a growing sport in Northwest Arkansas. Whether you want to get involved as a cyclist or a spectator, the 2017 Rogers Cycling Festival in downtown Rogers is a great place to be this weekend.

The second annual event, sponsored by The Northwest Arkansas Emerging Leaders, is Friday, July 28 through Sunday, July 30. The festival website has details about all the events including locations, registration and opportunities to sponsor.

The festival consists of several road cycling and mountain bike events held throughout Downtown Rogers. According to a press release, this festival will bring cycling enthusiasts from across the central United States and has something for everyone – from highly-skilled and competitive races to family-friendly rides.

This year, organizers will host the 2017 Arkansas State Road Race Championships. Proceeds from the festival benefit several nonprofit cycling causes in Northwest Arkansas, including

Proceeds from the festival benefit several non-profit cycling causes in Northwest Arkansas, including:

  • Rogers Community Bike Program
  • Pedal It Forward NWA
  • Rogers Area Trail Supporters
  • Ozark Off Road Cyclists, and
  • Boston Mountain Cyclists.

By Jamie Smith | Owner, Jamie’s Notebook 

Chihuly exhibit spotlighted at Crystal Bridges

Northwest Arkansas is known for various features and attractions. One of the more famous attractions is the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville.

Currently, Crystal Bridges features artist Dale Chihuly’s famed pieces of art in the museum gallery and on the paths surrounding the building through August 14. The exhibition is one of several that find a temporary slot in the yearly cycle of the museum. The outdoor exhibit is scheduled to still be available through November 13.

Crystal Bridges has always reflected the culture found in America as well as the beauty found in the environment. With the temporary Chihuly exhibit, viewers will experience a spectacle of beauty both indoors and outdoors. Read more

NWARK trails create beauty, health opportunities

Whether you love the great outdoors or a healthy lifestyle, Northwest Arkansas has that in over 200 miles of hiking and biking trails. With each trail comes a new opportunity to gain a unique experience in seeing the beauty that comes with the natural beauty throughout Northwest Arkansas.

However, with all the trails spreading about the forests of Northwest Arkansas, it can be hard to decide which one you want to venture onto. With that in mind, this list will help you find more than one trail where you can hike, bike or both. Read more

NWARK rich with faith/belief diversity

Aside from several places to visit, hike and enjoy, Northwest Arkansas is home to a growing and diverse religious population. Residents new to Northwest Arkansas can find a place of worship as well as form relationships with individuals of other faiths.

Northwest Arkansas is most definitely in the Bible Belt, and it’s evidenced by many traditional denominations from Baptists to Pentecostals and everything in between. These groups make up some of the largest religious populations in Northwest Arkansas. Aside from being historically consistent in the area, each group is consistently growing each year with new churches cropping up.

Throughout Northwest Arkansas, the process of finding a church or community to fit pretty much any denomination, faith or belief system is as easy as looking up information on your phone. We make that even easier by highlighting the more prominent groups found in Northwest Arkansas.

Read more