Victim or Volunteer?

Victim or Volunteer? | Were you a victim or a volunteer & in what moment did you choose (you’ll remember the exact moment you chose – it’s crazy wild & crazy good!)

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Long Post Warning ⚠️

Yesterday I listened to a coaching call on a podcast and if my clients had to do this to get out of the ditch (relief) – I’d quit.

And if I had to listen to this & oversee clients retelling their story in this manner – I’d quit. Incredibly unhealthy for client & myself to the cellular level. 360TAP is more like #CellularCPR oh so healthy!!

I’m here to say NO repetitive “story torture” will happen on my watch. So unnecessary.

Some of you have been rumbling with those hurtful stories for 20 & 30 years.
And that’s enough!
I jotted down some of the suggestions this coach made & I guess a lot of people have tried this approach – like – this lady with no relief. She repeatedly said, “I’ve done that.” With NO changes.

The coach’s suggestions…

> get into my Spring retreat (i-genda)
> go back & work with that little girl
> give her a voice
> feel her feelings
> say the things she didn’t say
> feel the feelings she didn’t feel
> express yourself at that age
> speak your truth (that trauma story isn’t your truth damn it – it’s an incident)
> ask for support
> do some guided meditations
> feel the anger
> let the anger toward your mother out
> it’s about screaming
> it’s about yelling
> it’s about crying it out.

Y’all ⤴️ all that additional trauma and drama is completely unnecessary and unhealthy; most people have been doing T H A T for years – in their minds & in their meltdowns.
We do it on the daily in our self-talk, the telling of our story over and over and over for years.

I’m not a doctor, the letters behind my name are DMN.
Theresa King, DMN (Yes, you can ask)

In 360TAP we list the sh*t that’s happened and then move on to Umbrella’s around how its affected you. Impacted you in a multitude ways… I love it when clients say, “that’s also how this happened and that happened” – they start to put together how it attracted the same things in many different scenarios of their life! That’s huge & answers a lot of questions for the person (client).

Writing full sentences around NOT THE INCIDENT OR ACCIDENT but how it’s affected you personally. Professionally even.

That’s the part that you and I both want to ♥️ UNCOVER & DISCOVER ♥️ So exciting!

Then we take what we uncover & discover and ask the question.
>>>>One frick’n question.
Were you a victim or a volunteer & in what moment did you choose (you’ll remember the exact moment you chose – it’s crazy wild & crazy good!)
HERE in this conversation you’re NOT sitting at the “scene of the accident or incident” (prob week 4 of 6); you’re sitting at the scene of the choice (it’s empowering).

Makes you smile and know that you know that you know!!
The BEST part? – the trauma just lost ALL its power over you.
And you return to your core essence.
It’s NOT magic.
It’s a lot of work & homework yet after the initial list – it’s Ohmygosh exciting work and you’re excited to do it. Private Investigator kind of FUN!
It’s fun to turn incidents & accidents into
“Lessons Worthy of Laminating”

Anyone out there relate to the list above??

Love you, you know this might help someone & you know what to do now.
Big love. T
PS: “Underneath every difference of opinion – is a difference of feeling.” Lee Harris

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Holidays #NewWays2BeNOW

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Big Love,

Nasty Past. Or Not.

Nasty Past. Or Not.

How to tell if you’ve overcome the nasty past. Or not.

When it comes to healing from the past it’s a long road. It doesn’t have to be. Coaching really helps speedy-up the process. It’s tough to do it alone or we would have already done it, right?

So, if these indicators aren’t rock-solidly evident in your life – then keep going! The healing is astounding & once it happens it’s like an awakening to the world around you. Bam, you’re living, breathing, same as before – but it’s a new world you’re looking at! A new Being you’re living in!

Here’s how it goes:

The morning birds outside your window chirp so loud they aggravate you, but not the kind of bother it used to be. You know, the chirps & shrills that come to a point – then what you really want to do is plug your ears & pull the covers back over your head after you slam the window shut for a little more of that ugly silence. No sleep as you had hoped. This precious event is just too much chaos for an already chaotic mind. But when you’ve healed & awakened your Soul the annoying little birdies are just adorable things that tease the heck out of you & bring an oh-so-marvelous smirk to your lips all the same! The beauty of them actually becomes loud too… but it’s okay because there’s no more chaos in the mind hogging up all the room & filling it with the noise of the past.

Past trauma & pain

Past trauma & pain (of any kind, it’s different for everyone) wreaks havoc on the mind, body, & Soul of most every human. It’s really hard to move on from this life free of it. But the healing story is really the heart of this short piece.

What does it look like when you have fully healed? What does it feel like? And how would you truly know the healing took place, deep down at the core, where it’s most needed?

Here’s a couple of ways I’ve learned to recognize healing & how to spot that total freedom to become a new & weightless, soul-led person.

  1. The affect is gone. Memories, flashbacks, & endless hours of replaying an event at the hopes to change the outcome or hopes to understand it away leave you. They evaporate. You go from basing too many of your decisions in life off of those memories that affected you at a cellular level to no longer giving them much thought. Surprisingly, this feels very natural. And that’s because the events did not break you. Those cells know exactly how to correct their duplication processes. The decisions you make now are driven by your true values, morals, & the appreciations within you.
  2.  When you notice your choices have become in-destructive to your well-being, you are healed. You end up choosing the light path over the dark, a loving partner over a mooch, & time with family & friends over another drink. Whatever it looks like has changed & you make decisions from the heart & soul verses from the mind.
  3. What happens when a new trauma comes? That’s alright, because a healed person stands on top of any destructive event that washes their way. They’re not IN it, squirming & struggling for the surface, but instead using it as a tool to remind them of what they overcame before. Avoiding & detaching from the event doesn’t happen, but instead a submersion into the feelings & emotions of pain will occur. That doesn’t sound too happy but a healed Soul handles it like royalty! Someone I know & have learned from calls this Sovereignty. Un-fuck-withable-ness. Once submersed you know exactly how to reach the sunlight at the surface & you even get there with a little more breath still in your lungs than ever before.
  4. You are healed when you experience negativity with a neutral point of view. It no longer activates your past. The emotion processing mechanisms within you are stimulated versus shutting down as a new experience plays out. If the emotion is dealt with nothing can touch you with too much anguish. Healed people can handle the heck out of their trying times & remain neutral at their own & other’s drama/trauma.

These are not sure-fire forms of proof, but they are extremely common in the end-game of becoming healed from past trauma. I learned how to get to here by working with a life coach. Behavioral therapy didn’t work on me.

Medications were a toss-up, but came with side effects of course, some of which topped the actual trauma. With a life coach I was able to try something new, called Soul-Work.

Not all life coaches’ practice this, but mine did, & thank God for that!

My Soul-Work began with a hand-written note, a journal entry, if you will. Delved further into a deep connection with the driving force behind every living creature, & then a little bit of recapping the past. Not too much though, because past is in the past for a reason. And then finally ended with a beautiful & unwavering desire for alignment.

In other words, all my ducks were finally in a row & my soul was finally leading the way. I was healed! We are resilient beings, no different than a little baby.

Babies are so resilient, aren’t they? Kids. They recover quickly.

But each & every one of us still has that kid inside just waiting for healing to begin!

Hire a life coach! It’s cheaper than therapy, drugs, alcohol, or your children’s future – you get my drift. Hire one that brings about your “inner overcomer”.

I see you, feel you, & know your struggle.

And I KNOW you are RESILIENT – so let’s go!! And if this text helped you realize that you are truly healed, then damn! You’re golden!! Just like that. So worth the work, huh?

Until next time – have a good time,  ~Melissa

About the Author

Melissa Nicole

About the Author |

Melissa Nicole was born & raised a Michigander. | Her roots in the Great Lakes State have helped develop her love for nature & Mother Earth. She identifies as a free-spirit & self-care guru, as well as a Life Coach student with the Sovereign Coaching School. Melissa is married with two young girls & a few fur-babies too! Her entrepreneurial spirit & desire to be of service to others has been nurtured by a background in Social Work, a narrative of having triumphed over childhood trauma, & a passion for soul-work/spiritual alignment, with a whole lot of vivacious attitude towards life! Melissa Nicole’s dream of coaching & helping others overcome life’s obstacles appears to be manifesting beautifully as she carves her path in the world of social media!

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Come with us to a place where stuck, over-stressed, overwhelmed and burn out dissipate!  It’s Co-Ed, too, on purpose – with purpose!  A one stop shop for building business with ease, flow and clarity online and face to face.  An authentic place to support each other – link arms and co-create real change in our home, our communities, our nation – our world.  We create our true destiny.

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There’s more but you’re perfectly capable of looking around and plugging in where your heart feels called.  I’m always available for a clarity call or I can connect you with other leaders as well…


As my coach says it’s time to master ease in your life, master the art of allowing good things to flow to you, learn now to master what’s going on inside so to manifest what you want in and around you – at all times.

Your Soul is always correct, she says, let’s stop looking everywhere else or getting caught up in the next feel good bright shinny object out there.  Let’s learn how to hone in our skillset and differentiate between people pleasing and Soul please and how to always feel full of grace and sovereign as we choose Soul alignment.  Let us learn how to use our empathic nature as our Super Power tool instead of a kryptonite soul drainer that keeps us from everything we want in life.  Let’s lay down the old “shrink” factor and step into our unique personality and our “Biz Brilliance.”

I’ll see you at all of the above & and the beyond…

Big Love,

Theresa (Ever want a private phone chat, here’s my calendar link to book it)

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Love Notes | On the Daily

Love Notes | On the Daily | Welcome – I started about 30 days ago posting a little recording each morning – Love Notes with a Word for the Day – inspired by the card deck “The Power of Love.”

This practice (blissipline aka discipline)  takes place early morning and with my quiet time, coffee and the lighting of a candle sweetness.  I love my morning time (I also write a letter to the God of my understanding and my Soul Ms. Sophia Love each morning); this seems to get the mindset aligned and in a #love #vibe (smile).  Pssssst…it’s okay to celebrate uniqueness – join me.

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It took a while but now people are letting me know they LOVE them…so if that keeps happening – I’ll keep bringing it!  I like little shorties…Smile

As I move the video’s off my phone; I post them to My Youtube Channel.

So I pulled a few that were favorites for you to try (aka listen, click below).  Of course you can subscribe while there as well.  All kinds of way to connect.

Enjoy! Hey they’re under {{ 1 }} minute, make time for yourself.


Love Notes | #tolerance | Listen Link

Love Notes | #selflove | Listen Link

Love Notes | #integrity | Listen Link

Love Notes | #priorities | Listen Link

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June 10 Coaching School Launch (time sensitive / dual certification)

Hello and thank you for taking a peek!  I love that you are here – let’s talk all things June 10 Coaching School Launch (time sensitive / dual certification)
Can I tell you a little s e c r e t? Anyone that is a leader or influencer or in sales – is a coach.  Why not learn to do coaching with confidence, with pride and impeccable standards, coaching with understanding, knowledge and the art of knowing exactly what questions to ask as you lead people to their #truth and their own soulful answers.

Here’ a little interview I did last night (Thursday 05.30.19) that might help – its pretty fun (click here to watch); fast forward about 3 minutes to bypass log-on hiccups.

Quick Summary on Coaching School:

Get dual certified as a life coach and your choice of business, intuitive soul or health coaching.  6 months of LIVE classroom style zoom online teachings and trainings. (Put them on your calendar, be present, take notes and practice)
Lifetime access to all the up to date trainings.
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Click {{{ here }}} for All the details and amazing pricing!

And, yes there is a sharable link below for sharing this information.

Big Love, Theresa

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Short on Wisdom

Short on Wisdom | I read this morning a dear sweet message…it felt so true?  It certainly has been true for me in the past and in some area’s still true.  It went something like this…

we are short on wisdom when we cannot put aside an ordinary routine so that we can

♥️ #rest (self-care)

♥️ #evaluate (look at patterns or obsessions of the mind that no longer serve us)

♥️ #change (implement new devotion & new habits)

♥️ #meditate (quiet the busy mind in a very noisy world)

True wisdom can really inspire, move, change & motivate us IF (and only IF); we’re able to take them into our heart & soul & truly implement them (as the life & business enhancing resources they’re designed to be.)

They (rest, evaluation, change & meditation) ONLY help us IF we are able to implement into our daily life & lifestyle.

That’s the tricky part‼️ Implementation‼️ Creating a NEW‼️ way of being & doing.

I don’t have it all figured out YET (I guess that’s the essence life being called a journey.)  I can share that I’ve never been closer to doing & being what FEELS SO GOOD to my heart & Soul.   Which is why – I’m sharing with you!

Please accept my invitation to few resources where you’re able to experience the essence (have a feel good taste test) of what WE are doing that is SO INCREDIBLY “Life & Business” changing.  At first sight you’ll probably think “I’m not doing that.  I’m not bubbly like that.  I’m not into this or that.”  All the things – to be honest – I did – and said. Okay add – I’m too old to do that.  Smile.  Don’t judge.  Don’t dismiss.  Every bit of this information, the teachings, the energy is designed for you to “take in” and process.  Process in a way – that you’re able to make it your own.  Your way.  In your time.  Completely designed with customization on your behalf, on your Souls behalf and on your hearts behalf.

Bring an open mind, evaluate, sit with this information for a month or so and evaluate ALL THE THINGS so you too can co-create, co-design, customize & co-collaborate with some of the best teachers & teachings in all the nation!

3 Resources to Get You Started

2 Completely Complimentary

Soul + Social Tribe (Private FB Group)

Merry Meditation (must register – starts Dec 10 & runs until Dec 24 Christmas Eve) | Private Coaching Community (Click my Speakeasy Partner Link for 5-day Trial +++)

Big LOVE, I hope you’ll expand your beautiful mindset and join us.

It FEELS SO GOOD to implement NEW‼️ ways of seeing & being.


Founder | Talk of the Town LOVE

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SpeakEasy with Virginia


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Couples, Conversations & Co-Creating

Couples, Conversations & Co-Creating

If you’re ready to deepen, develop and re-define the important things in life – you’re ready for this – a couple-oriented learning process.

The best part – it’s on the phone from home – for one hour – for just 6 weeks – in your boxers, I mean pj’s, I mean sweats! ~Theresa

With communication re-defined we’re more able to find the Sacred and Elevated Approach to connection and/or re-connecting.  Walking couples through the process individually and then collectively together on the phone – is not only productive – it is pure joy.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine one hour on the phone weekly for six weeks – as an easy peasy – in your pj’s – approach to revitalize, enhance and refresh your relationship?  A real, private (just us), confidential conversation – wrapped up in convenience with long-term tools designed to clear the crap that holds us back…getting us up and out of the ditch and back on track! 

Your relationship can have more fun, ease, less stress, more love and joy plus way more play.  It’s time.

Your relationship is important and Sacred – you’ll learn tools together within these conversations that allow you to co-create – a set of – foundational core principles that you’ll have forever – going forward.  Get ready 2019 – here we come!

Chocked full of lifestyle tools, conversational tools that are really worthy of passing on to your children and grandchildren – co-creating a legacy by wrapping your heart around deeper, more beautiful, softer, more understanding, compassionate conversations.

Investing Time, Money and Heart

IF IF IF investing in yourself, investing as a couple feels good to you,  feels like something you need or want, if it resonates with you and most importantly,  feels fair – for all involved.  Fair meaning – the energy, teachings and intellectual properties I bring to the conversation and the energy, time, money and heart you bring to the conversation – if it feels good and ONLY if it feels good in your heart – choose to move forward.

Simple Enrollment BIG Blessing

Simply send an email to with 360 Turn Around Couples in the subject line.

Couples $540 – with $200 Blessing for the first {{{{ 5 }}}} to sign up | $340 Wowzer! – 360 Turn Around Couples / EXPIRES December 15, 2018

Can you schedule a consultation or clarity call before committing? Yes!  Just hit this link – and book a time on my calendar!

NOTE: my definition of Sacred – dedication to some person, purpose or cause; a sense of right, good and holy.

In Appreciation, Theresa

Additional Support

Group Coaching PLUS/1 on 1 Coaching here >>> Black Friday Blessing  EXPIRES MONDAY MIDNIGHT 11/26/18 >>> I do have a partner link that offers an additional 10% off over and above this special but must be sent privately (vs. public.)  Email me for that private link

Loving On Fayetteville Arkansas

Loving on Fayetteville Arkansas | Fayetteville is the original Northwest Arkansas City recognized by the nation as the go to place.  We love its famous slogan of “Keep Fayetteville Funky” and we agree!  Fayetteville is the largest city in Northwest Arkansas, home of the University of Arkansas, the Walton Arts Center, the Dickson Street Entertainment District – the amazing and famous Fayetteville Farmer’s Market to mention a few Fayetteville delights!

Fayetteville has a beautiful historic district yet also keeps up with the growing demand of the urban population with all the modern amenities.  Surrounded by remarkable biking & walking trails – a beautiful lake in Fayetteville Lake, large city parks and rumor has it one the most incredible recycling programs in the nation – hey – it’s the little big things sometimes.   I found a site that really enhances and describes Fayetteville well – it’s called Experience Fayetteville (it’s the convention and visitors bureau but I like their vibe on the website) – enjoy!

Whether you’re into living in a downtown condo or townhouse with neighborhood walkability or a big yard and family home – Fayetteville has it all.

One thing is for sure and we love it – we’ve totally out grown the legacy of Northwest Arkansas – cities staying city oriented – NOW – we are Northwest Arkansas oriented.  Here’s what we mean – we all travel back and forth between these amazing cities – pretty much daily!

We encourage you – if from Bentonville go visit and hang in Fayetteville and vice versa – if from Fayetteville – get out – and indulge in Rogers, Bentonville, Springdale & Siloam Springs.  The blending and inclusion of each is beautiful – a treat really.  Inclusion and moving love beyond boundaries, seeing Northwest Arkansas as a whole – a community – including our bedroom cities as well.  We encourage you to unfold those arms and enjoy ALL of Northwest Arkansas’ variety, beauty, personalities, charm, culture, character, connections…

Variety – ahhhh – it is the spice of life in Northwest Arkansas – wouldn’t you agree?


Theresa  (Learn more about Theresa and the Talk of the Town LOVE TEAM here)  Love to write?  We would love to talk to you!  Join the TEAM


Career Advice Women Receive…and Why You Shouldn’t Follow It

The Four Most Common Pieces of Career Advice Women Receive… and Why You Shouldn’t Follow It….
By: Alison Nail-Malone, Executive Coach & Founder of Malone Consultants Group

#1 Leave your job if you’re not passionate

Alright, I’m not saying to stay in a mind & heart suck job. However, I see WAAYYY too many women beat themselves up because they: a) aren’t working a job that fulfills what they are truly passionate about; and/or b) have no real clue what they are passionate about and how to do ‘that’ as a career.

Here’s the deal ….

You can ‘work a job’ that pays your bills and have the things you are passionate about outside of work. AND yes, you absolutely can have a career that includes what you are passionate and purposeful about.

Take your time to find what you are passionate about. Don’t just check out because right now this role doesn’t fit you. Find small ways in your job and your life outside of office that starts to feed your soul.

If you already know what your passionate about…begin your research on how to include that in your career. Then ask for those opportunities at work; but also keep your eye out for the open career opportunities too.

#2 Network, Network, Network

Seriously this is one that makes me crazy when experienced professionals say, “Network, network, network” to build your career credibility. It’s a waste of time!

Ultimately, your network should be made up of people who will be, or currently are, your advocate. Your professional network need to be the people who know what you do, how you contribute and how they can tell your story no matter who they talk to.

Your professional network should be the people you are an advocate for as well. But make sure…there is a balance between these two groups.

#3 Save it for the annual review

Ok, maybe this one really rubs me the wrong way. How many times have you been surprised about the feedback you received in your annual evaluation? I don’t know about you… but it’s happened almost every time I’ve had an annual review!

But …

Admittedly I have also been guilty, in the past, of not providing real feedback (both positive and constructive) until an annual review (or maybe not at all).

Let’s commit together to something right here. No more of that. Take a proactive approach in receiving and giving feedback on a regular basis. Perhaps you need to just start with once a quarter. Maybe you need to be committed to once a month. Whatever that is, commit to owning your career in a big way…and feedback is one of the most vital components of that.

#4 Stay at least a year

I know I just eluded that you shouldn’t leave your job. However, give yourself permission to leave when its time.

My clients, and other professional women I am connected with, will notoriously stay ‘committed’ to a job … even when they KNOW the job is not right.

Most likely you don’t have the luxury to jump ship without another boat to drive; AND you do have the RIGHT to explore and interview for new roles.

Do not limit your growth to time. If it’s not right, it’s not right. Don’t waste your time.

Your time…your talent…your presence is valuable. Step into that knowingness!

When you ask for career advice, first take it with a grain of salt and then consider it carefully before you follow it. It could either be the worst piece of career advice, or the best. Find out which before you bet your future on it.

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