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Local Teen Artist, Local Author and the D.E.B. Project

I just love when three great things come together to make a difference in Northwest Arkansas. Special, special thanks to BJ Tassin local author of BONA-FIDE, Pam Rumbough of Two25 Gallery & Wine Bar and the D.E.B. Project for collaborating with young artists of Northwest Arkansas.  Together we can and will do MORE. Here’s the details: […]

2 of 7 Sacred Secrets to Connection in Northwest Arkansas

I’ve spent a lot of time listening and paying attention to Newcomers to our growing region.  I’m willing to hear the hard stuff such as discrimination, diversity challenges, big trucks and rebel flags, the occasional couch on the front porch comment and so on… My life’s experience has shown me that there are challenges in […]

NWA Business Meets Newcomer Reception

Newcomer Receptions are a simple yet a powerful way of connecting in Northwest Arkansas.  We adore the businesses and services that have made Newcomer Receptions possible – and continue to make them possible!  Our mission is about the whole NWA community and the NWA community as a whole! We warmly mix business and pleasure and […]

Restless and Discontent

Newcomers move here, are excited, usually have an exhilarating job awaiting them, or a business they are launching here, they head to work devoted to learning their new job or are excitingly starting the process of introducing their business.  After work they are unpacking and enjoying a nice evening at home – alone.  They repeat […]

Appalled, Shocked and Dismayed in Northwest Arkansas

Last year I met a newcomer that is what “she described herself as” a white woman yet of Hispanic decent; when we first met I believe she had been in Northwest Arkansas less than six months – and – she was appalled, horrified, shocked, dismayed, stressed and outraged.  I noticed it on twitter and reached […]