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Love Notes | On the Daily

Love Notes | On the Daily | Welcome – I started about 30 days ago posting a little recording each morning – Love Notes with a Word for the Day – inspired by the card deck “The Power of Love.” This practice (blissipline aka discipline)  takes place early morning and with my quiet time, coffee […]

Loving On Fayetteville Arkansas

Loving on Fayetteville Arkansas | Fayetteville is the original Northwest Arkansas City recognized by the nation as the go to place.  We love its famous slogan of “Keep Fayetteville Funky” and we agree!  Fayetteville is the largest city in Northwest Arkansas, home of the University of Arkansas, the Walton Arts Center, the Dickson Street Entertainment […]

Career Advice Women Receive…and Why You Shouldn’t Follow It

The Four Most Common Pieces of Career Advice Women Receive… and Why You Shouldn’t Follow It…. By: Alison Nail-Malone, Executive Coach & Founder of Malone Consultants Group #1 Leave your job if you’re not passionate Alright, I’m not saying to stay in a mind & heart suck job. However, I see WAAYYY too many women […]