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Talk of the Town is your NW Arkansas Resource Talk of the Town LOVE serves the beautiful and growing region of Northwest Arkansas & Beyond.

We connect, converse, refer and welcome via a variety of different options. One being access to Founder Theresa King-Thompson via Social Media & her personal calendar – Complimentary Clarity Call (via phone)

Our Focus

Our focus is the charm, character, culture, connections, community, legacy & love of people, places and things that matter from our home, to our nation and across the ocean.  Talk of the Town LOVE is committed to being of service via conversations, our programs and offerings.  We desire to attract loving, like-minded, positive, soulful, caring, non-judgmental and pro-active people…it really is very simple – it is of love.

We Believe

We believe hospitality in any city and/or community is important; we especially love being of service in our own Northwest Arkansas growing region – and beyond!  There are plenty of “things to do or events” here in Northwest Arkansas but connection can be a little tricky.

Our Offerings Page

We focus on true “connection” and believe it increases happiness and builds “Unity in Community” – always and in all ways.  With that said, we offer special programs, conversations and referrals that can and do support others.  Please see our “offerings page” for more information.

The charm, character, culture, community, connections, legacy and love of any city or community is important.  Our love of community and tribes of soulful people in Northwest Arkansas & beyond – is important to us – especially as we GROW forward – personally & professionally.

If You Believe as We Believe…

Let’s connect, converse and collaborate; together we can and will do so much more.

I’m always super excited to speak with you whether Newcomer, Loyal Lovable Local (resident), Non-Profit, Service or Business in Northwest Arkansas & Beyond!  I’ve made my calendar available for this reason.  If I might be of service – I shall.

Founder | Theresa King-Thompson | Certified Coach, Consultant, Natural Connector, Circle Maker Devoted to Unity & Visibility in Community & Cycle Breaker

Talk of the Town is your NW Arkansas Resource

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