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Talk of the Town LOVE, Founder, Theresa King-Thompson | Theresa honors the true charm, character, culture, connections, community, legacy and LOVE of Northwest Arkansas & Beyond purpose & passion.

Theresa works within the realm of Consulting, is a Certified Coach, Natural Connector & Circle Maker…Standing on the Platform of what she call 6 B’s

  1. Break it Down (get in conversation and break it down)
  2. Build it Back ( build it back way bigger, way better & way YOU boo!)
  3. Play BIG (this is not a dress rehearsal – go for it – yes – she helps you play big!)
  4. Be BOLD (if someone deserves a standing ovation – stand the “F’ up – no matter what the crowd does!)
  5. Bring ON your Biz Brilliance (celebrate your unique personality & your Biz Brilliance plus run in circles that do the same!)
  6. Get Booked (she loves to get book and wants that OR what ever it is you desire for you – your dreams!)

She loves Co-Creating an environment where your “Vision goes to Visibility” and your “Message to the Masses.”

It’s been said that Theresa can see from a 70,000-foot view yet also has the ability “to come down and eat that elephant one bite at a time!”  She supports her clients to do the same!”

She’s a self-proclaimed Non-Traditional in Life & Business!  And, founded in 2014 | a welcome, referral and connection resource serving Northwest Arkansas & beyond (Beyond – Northwest Arkansas comes from recent request for consulting & coaching support around the nation & across the ocean.

Known as a “fire starter” if you happen to know your ONE BIG THING you would love to do, be and have in life & business – get with Theresa and be courageous enough to say it – privately yet out loud.  The Secret is – stating your one big thing and starting.  Then, the fire shall be ignited!  Theresa is a fire starter (for sure)!

Whether Newcomer, Loyal Lovable Local (resident),  Business or Non-profit or you live on the other-side of the world – have a Clarity Call with Theresa – she’ll GIFT you with zest, belief, value & support – beyond measure.

With a soulful and powerful focus – Theresa & the collaborative Team, consciously & mindfully bring unity & visibility to ALL in service & LOVE. On purpose.  With purpose.

Talk of the Town is your NW Arkansas ResourceTHERESA IN THE COMMUNITY

Board of Business Advisors | NWACC (Northwest Arkansas Community College)
Bentonville Alumni Association Board Member (2017-2019)
Graduate of the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program (99-2000)
Founding Member & 2X Former Board Member of | WIN (Women In Networking)
Founder of Wisdom Workshops
Founder of Newcomer Receptions
Founder of NWA Supper Club
Certified Coach (Guru) with FB: Social Soul Tribe &
Founding Partner at Speaksie Enterprises ( )

Theresa King-Thompson | Chief  Inspirational Officer | Talk of the Town LOVE | 479-633-GROW (4769)

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Talk of the Town Teammate Tammy Jean Velasquez | Tammy Jean Velasquez is a metaphysical coach & mentor assisting individuals in uncovering and releasing per-conditioning & false beliefs that are causing discord at the subconscious level.  Tammy received her coaching certification through Transform Coaching Academy and has studied under the metaphysical teachings of Divine Science.

Tammy is best known as a Metaphysical Coach & Mentor, who helps assist individuals release years of pre-programing and conditioning that has been creating discord in all areas of their lives.

She teaches, by establishing unity within all levels of the mind, Conscious, Subconscious and Super Conscious. This process then creates unity within the individual and reestablishes alignment with the Higher Self, which is the real secret to unlimited abundance.

With an extensive background in metaphysics and the higher teachings of the mind, Tammy has been able to assist individuals in a shift in consciousness to create the life we were all meant to have.

Tammy works collaboratively with Theresa and Talk of the Town LOVE on the focus, intentional design and teachings…

Tammy owns Mind Your Future | (Releasing Soon!) |

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Talk of the Town Teammate Virginia Scheuer | Virginia holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting where the educational focus was learning how to create authentic connections and deepening listening skills on the stage.

She’s been an actor for 20 years, and she has 10 years experience directing and teaching high school and college students. She’s been immersed in the healing arts for 12 years and has spent her life self-developing, healing and deepening her soul connection to the divine. Because of the nature of the theatre business she was forced to embrace the art of having multiple jobs and doing business her way instead of the traditional 9-5.

Through her entrepreneurial endeavors the journey propelled her into the social media world where she learned from the masters how to successfully build a business – online.  With selling being her least favorite thing especially on social media; she created a thriving business that works – without selling – allow us to share within our community – attraction marketing.  Virginia created a private coaching community as well dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive on social media by authentic branding and organically growing their business – with zero paid ads.

Virginia works with Talk of the Town LOVE on Confidence, Confidence Coaching + Social Media Insights and Marketing Strategies collaboratively via her programs at Speaksie Enterprise /   Virginia stands out in the crowd with her business expertise, teaching expertise, business branding and confidence coaching expertise plus has launched a Life Coach School, a Speaksie APP for iPhone (on iTunes) & Android users…among her many other amazing endeavors.

Talk of the Town is your NW Arkansas ResourceVIRGINIA IN THE COMMUNITY

Virginia Scheuer runs a non-profit theatre company dedicated to Free Shakespeare in the Park and is the coordinator for the first annual Northwest Arkansas Shakespeare Festival. She was the first MOB boss in Northwest Arkansas. She served on the Wisdom Workshop Advisory Board and leads a free Facebook community Social Soul Tribe where business owners support each other spiritually and professionally in developing and growing their online business.


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