2 of 7 Sacred Secrets to Connection in Northwest Arkansas

I’ve spent a lot of time listening and paying attention to Newcomers to our growing region.  I’m willing to hear the hard stuff such as discrimination, diversity challenges, big trucks and rebel flags, the occasional couch on the front porch comment and so on…

My life’s experience has shown me that there are challenges in and around Northwest Arkansas – things that could be improved upon.  I would imagine all cities have such challenges, things they’d like improve upon, etc.  I hear you.  I heard you.  And I agree.  Now what?

Being heard is powerfully important whether a family matter, relationship matter, town hall meeting, business matter, etc.  Many times people can let go and refocus once they’ve been heard, acknowledged and respected.  All the sudden their mind-set shifts and they are able to focus on other areas where they can make a difference in their life and the lives of others…  Their eyes clear and they start to see the beauty, charm, character, culture and legacy of Northwest Arkansas.

Let us take that ONE step further – once I’ve heard a newcomer and they’ve shared their challenges thoroughly – we start the process of talking about what they DO LIKE here.  And then the mind-set swing starts to happen…

Since graduating from the Chamber of Commerce Leadership program 100 years ago I’ve been on fire for community and for Northwest Arkansas as a whole.  With that I’ve devised 7 Sacred Secrets to Connection in Northwest Arkansas.    I won’t share all of them because I save them for Newcomer Receptions yet here’s a couple for you to think about – for the rest of the 7 Sacred Secrets – I’ll see you at the NEXT Newcomer Reception!  Smile.

1 of 7 Sacred Secrets | Volunteering | Everyone can do something in Northwest Arkansas whether it be going out and literally volunteering, giving of your time and/or expertise or monetarily or ALL 3!  TalkoftheTownNWA.com list NWA non-profits complimentary so Newcomer can go research their passion – where they’d like to give back.  Helping others is a sure fire way of 1) meeting like minded people and 2) getting connected outside of work all the while – finding your passion.  It is highly likely you’ll meet your people – your tribe by volunteering!  Plus – it feels so good!

  1. Examples: You can find all of these and more on our website via NWA Non-Profits

A Blessing Bag is perfect if you are passionate about Foster Care Children

Saving Grace is perfect if you are passionate about contributing to causes that support youth and young women

Sharing and Caring of Benton County is perfect if you are passionate about making sure children have a great holiday

Soldier On Service Dogs if you are passionate about supporting veterans and companions of the four legged kind to support them

Click to Add your NWA Non-Profit

2 of 7 Sacred Secrets | Traffic | where else in the world will you go and people 1) wave and you don’t even know them and 2) let you into traffic!  I ask all newcomers to continue the charm, character, culture & legacy of niceness in traffic – if we don’t all that good stuff will get watered down and we’ll end up like any other city/metropolitan area.  Yeah – it’s just energy but it is very important energy and serves you well!  Remember it is one of the many things you LOVE about Northwest Arkansas!!

See you at the next Newcomer Reception – it is such a unique experience – you’ll love it and expand your circle!

With much gratitude,

Theresa | Founder | TalkoftheTownNWA.com | 479.633.GROW (4769)


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