Welcome to Talk Of the Town Love (Let’s sprinkle some LOVE at home and around the globe)

Welcome!  Welcome!

Welcome to my home we proudly refer to as Northwest Arkansas ~ my passion spreads from my heart, home, to my community, around the nation and across the ocean.  So glad you’re here! At Talk of the Town LOVE we focus on the charm, character, culture, community, connections, legacy & sprinkling love both personally and professionally in ALL we do!

Of course, everything starts with a conversation – Book a Clarity Call!
Two things you need to know
1) I do NOT work with people I have not pre-approved; an “initial conversation on the phone” is a must – as it should be.  It’s a conversation.
2)  I retired from selling; I only invite and believe people are perfectly capable of making decisions when thoroughly and authentically informed.

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(3 min) Talk of the Town LOVE – is an eclectic vibration of LOVE designed to serve the communities of Northwest Arkansas & Beyond. Yes, around the nation & across the ocean…
We stand on the platform of charm, character, culture, community, connections, legacy & love!
Yes, we’d love to visit with you. Phone Calendar: Click to Connect

Always & in all ways, Theresa King-Thompson
Founder | Talk of the Town LOVE
Founding Partner |  Speaksie Enterprise

PS: Your move. Smile. Giggle. Giggle. Everything starts with a conversation…

(7 min) Coaching Conversations (Personal Spin): This is what I know for sure “When we’re heard – we heal!”  Mix that with “tools” that teach us how to process and respond differently verses react, Life & Business gets BIG TIME better!  Guys, Gals & Parents for Teenagers hire me to unlock SECRETS.  Did you say SECRETS?  Yes – we’ve all got them – I don’t need to know them to serve / teach.  Book a Clarity Call for more information.

I invite you to step forward & let me show you experimentally.(1 hour a week on the phone for 6 weeks)
Let me gift you will tools that will serve you NOW &  forever & ever. Amen.

Big Love, Theresa, Certified Coach & Cycle Breaker
Founder | Talk of the Town Love
Founding Partner | Speaksie Enterprise

(5 min) Coaching Conversations (Professional Spin): Lucky you I’m connected with a genius when it comes to Business – Virginia Scheuer.  I’m a Founding Partner with her at Speaksie Enterprise where there is a multitude of business resources available to you such as branding, social media marketing, live video, speaking, business lifestyle, etc.
Only look at this though if you’re wanting a place where stuck, over-stressed, overwhelmed and burn out no longer exist.  A place where you can stop pushing and hustling and allow your abundance to flow fast and with ease.

Plus, join our Speaksie APP and be connected with thousands of like-soul-led humans from around the globe.  We can even have a conversation about leadership within Speaksie Enterprise.  Book a Clarity Conversation

Big LOVE, Theresa
Founder | Talk of the Town LOVE
Founding Partner | Speaksie Enterprise